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Get a website you'll love, within budget, in just 1 week  


Our signature program


We work with people we know we can get results for and that’s why we’re successful. This Program will work great for you if:

  • You need a simple & professional website

    If you're just getting started or want to upgrade from a Wix, Weebly, or other "Do It Yourself" platform, we can help. When you join this program, we'll create a professional design that captures your brand & won't break the bank.

  • You can clearly articulate your vision

    Building you a quality site in 1 week is no small task. To be effective we spend time during the "pre-work" stage understanding your vision & design preferences. We rely heavily on your ability to communicate that to us.

  • You're willing to participate in the process

    To complete your website, we'll need things like your bio, descriptions of your service/business, your logo, etc. We'll need you to send us that information before we start building your site.

  • We like each other

    It may sound odd, but it's true. We only work with clients who like us & who we like. It creates a much better experience for everyone.


We’re not for everyone. We know & honor that. If we can't help you at this stage, we won't take on your project (it wouldn't be fair to you).

  • You haven't done any groundwork yet

    We've found that our most successful clients have a solid understanding of their market, who their target customers are, and what content they want on their website. If you haven't done this groundwork yet, it'll be harder for us to create a website that will add value to your business. If you need help getting your groundwork done, sign up to receive some of our favorite resources.

  • You want a super custom website that'll cost thousands

    With our Signature Program you'll get a personalized 3-page website at a price your wallet will love (of course, we can add more pages). For custom projects, shoot us a message.

  • You prefer a long, drawn out, & expensive process

    We're just pulling your leg... kinda. We've created a simple and streamlined process designed to get you from start to finish quickly.

here is

our promise to you

If you're not 100% satisfied, we don't expect you to pay

here's what

Our "Branded Weekly" Program Includes

3 Page Website

Stunning Professional Powerful

Easy to find on Google

What good is a website your potential customers can't find? We do basic SEO for you, which is a fancy way of saying we help people find you on Google.

1-Week Turnaround

Within a week of your project's start date, we'll have your website completed and awaiting your approval (you can also request revisions).

Full Control of your Website

You'll maintain control over your domain, hosting, and everything else concerning your website. You'll also have the ability to update it yourself after launch.

Training on Updating your Site

We want you to feel empowered which is why we train you on how to update your site after you've launched. You'll feel comfortable making small changes.

A price you can afford


are you

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our answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

That seems inexpensive. Why is it only $750?
As freelancers we know what it's like it have a big vision and much smaller budget. We wanted to create a program that would meet our customers' basic needs and give them a quality website within budget.
No, you won't. We give you full control of your website and train you on how to update it. You can do whatever you'd like without ever having to pay us another cent.
After we've completed your website, we send it to you for review/approval. We'll make revisions and when you're satisfied, we'll work with you to launch your site. Then you'll get access to our training center.
We collect all the information we need from you before your project's official start date. Within 1 week, we'll be able to send you your website for review/approval.
We're happy to add additional pages to your package for an additional fee. Before we start working, we'll hop on a call with you to nail down your vision, the total number of pages, and the final cost.
As you can see from our guarantee, we stand behind our services. We want to make sure we're a good fit for each other, so we ask you to complete a super short questionnaire and discovery call with us.  It's a short & easy process. Promise!

They worked with my budget, made the process easy, and gave me a website I could finally feel proud of. I'm able to confidently share my business card now!

Rev. Bernard S

CEO - Good Samaritans Men's Outreach Ministry

here's how

our process works

Work with you to schedule your project's "pre-work," start, & due dates.
Collect project details/materials from you & nail down your vision.
Create your new website with the aid of one of our website themes.
Within 1 week, we'll send your new website to you for review & approval.