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You bring the talent + passion. We'll build you a website that reflects that.


meet the team

Hiya, nice to "meet" you! We're a 2 person squad (that also happens to be husband & wife). We've been in the tech industry for our entire careers and have 10+ years of web development expertise. Also, we're not fans of 1 sided introductions, so we'd love to hear more about you too.

Darren J Whyte -

Darren Whyte

Lead Full Stack Web Developer

Darren is the muscle behind this operation. He'll build your website & manage the technical aspects of your project. Before starting Branded By Bad, he worked for large agencies building $130k websites for major clients. Like Bernadette, he feels most fulfilled when he's helping people who are still in the early stages of building their dreams. When he's not creating masterpieces for his clients, you can find him nerding out on tech websites, learning new programming languages, and watching Anime.

Bernadette Shepherd-Whyte -

Bernadette Shepherd-Whyte

Lead designer, branding, and business strategist

Bernadette will be your partner in crime throughout this project. As your Project Manager, she'll work with you to nail down your vision & goals. She'll also walk you through the entire process from start to finish. You'll speak to her the most throughout your project. Before starting Branded By BAD, she worked for startups and tech giants in Miami & Silicon Valley (including Google). Now she spends her spare time blogging, volunteering with a local non-profit, and eating Oreo ice cream.

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No one starts at the top

Starting a business in our 20s with $100k+ in Student Loan Debt looming over our heads, meant that we weren't strangers to the "Struggle Bus." We know that no one (well most of us) don't start with millions in the bank.  That's why we've chosen to work with folks who have an awesome vision + lots of talent + crazy passion, but need to stay within budget. If that's you, let's talk.

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Long Term Success requires strategic investments

The investments you'll be able to make after 15 years in business is a lot different than the investment you're able to make early on in your journey. We understand that as a business owner you have to make strategic decisions. Our signature package was designed to meet you where you are.


Every good business puts people first

As cliche as it sounds we believe that every good business it has to put people first. Yours does. Ours does. That's why we only work with people we're confident that we can help. Our goal is to create an amazing experience for you that'll leave you wanting to tell your friends about us.